Introducing SqwishLand Amazon!

Sqwishland Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to unveil the 10th and latest regional addition to the Sqwishland family – the Amazon Region!  

Our newest region features 10 adorable Soft n’Squishy™ characters from the lush and vibrant Amazon region. 

Here’s why we know you’ll love our latest Sqwishlanders:

10 Cute and Loveable Amazon Characters

  • Sqweacock (Peacock)
  • Sqwirhana (Piranha)
  • Sqwutterfly (Butterfly)
  • Sqweaopard (Leopard)
  • Sqwanaconda (Anaconda)
  • Sqwanteater (Anteater)
  • Tree Sqwrog (Tree Frog)
  • Howler Sqwonkey (Howler Monkey)
  • Sqwoucan (Toucan)
  • Sqwoth (Sloth)

Which will be your favorite?

The Original Soft nSquishy™ Collectible Toy:

As The Best-Selling 1” Vending Toy, Amazon Sqwishland brings you the same irresistible squishiness that Sqwishland is renowned for. 

Over 90 Amazon Varieties to Collect

With a vast array of over 90 varieties to collect, Amazon Sqwishland offers endless possibilities.. 

Each sqwishlander has unique charm and personality which make them perfect companions for kids and collectors alike.

Surprise Capsules with Bonus Codes

Watch the anticipation and excitement as each capsule reveals a new character to add to your collection.

Elevate your Sqwishland experience with bonus game codes included in select capsules. Unlock exclusive content and embark on virtual adventures with your Sqwishland character.

Get ready for a Sqwishy adventure like never before with the Amazon Sqwishland collection! 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of Sqwishland, these soft n’ squishy™ companions are bound to steal your heart.

We know You‘ll love them!

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