Easter Came Early!

Hey kids! With Easter just around the corner, we here at SqwishLand thought we would like to give you something truly special! Check out the SqwishLand Store; to buy our LIMITED EDITION SqwishLand Easter Basket! Only 10 are available for purchase, so get yours before they sell out! Check out all the cool stuff that comes with each basket:

– 1 Random Collector Series Pack
– 2 Random Surprise Mix Packs
– 1 Soft n’ Squishy Bracelet
– 3 SqwishPaks
– 4 Easter Egg Capusles
– 15 Random SqwishLand Capsules
– 4 Pencils
One Golden Egg Capsule (only one of the ten available Baskets will have a Golden Egg) containing one NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Crazy Rare SqwishLander… you will be the first to own one!

For a limited time only, you can own all of these amazing products for a special low price of $29.95, down from their original $40 retail value! But that’s not all… one of these lucky baskets includes a special NEVER BEFORE SEEN SqwishLander hidden inside a Golden Egg! Will YOU be the lucky one to discover the mysterious SqwishLander inside!?

FREE SHIPPING! Order yours by Tuesday, March 31, 2015 to get it shipped to you before Easter!