What does the menu in the top-right do?

Shows the name of your current location

Allows you to access the Map and Home/Inventory options
– Home – Sends you Home from any SqwRegion in SqwishLand
– Inventory – Lets you change your SqwAvatar’s clothes and swap SqwishHome designs while at your SqwishHome.
Other actions
– Return to main site – Allows you to go directly to the SqwishLand.com Home Page.
– Log out – Takes you to the Log-In screen where you can change accounts.
– View news – Read up on the latest and greatest news in SqwishLand! Be sure to check back regularly to learn about upcoming Events and Give-Aways!
– Request help – Having trouble with something? Let us know and we’ll get right over to you and help out!
– Report bugs/errors – Please report any and all glitches you find and help us make SqwishLand a better place for everyone!
– Check inbox – Lets you view any SqwishCards your friends sent you.
– Adjust audio – Allows you to turn the background music on/off.

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