What is SqwishLand?

SqwishLand is a brand of lovable Soft n’ Squishy™ collectible toys. With over 100,000,000
toys sold worldwide, it’s easy to see why SqwishLand is favored by millions.


SqwishLand started out as a line of toys distributed through vending machines, and eventually
made its way onto retail shelves all over the United States. After seeing how much fun kids
were having with our toys, SqwishLand.com was born!


SqwishLand.com is a fun and safe virtual world for kids to bring their SqwishLanders to life
and take care of them while playing mini-games and making friends all over the world! With
over 1,000,000 users online, there are plenty of friends to be made across all of SqwishLand.


By granting digital rewards for each real-world product purchased, the SqwishLand brand
successfully ties both digital and physical worlds together.