What is the Story of SqwishLand?

SqwishLand is a mysterious and wonderful world of Soft n’ Squishy™ little critters called SqwishLanders! One day, a mysterious portal opened up and human kids entered the magical land and taught the SqwishLanders about the human world. Together they built an entire civilization alongside one another, strengthening their friendship!


However, not everyone in SqwishLand was happy. As time passed, some of the kids visited their pals in SqwishLand less and less, growing “too old” for them. This caused the SqwishLanders to become very sad and it eventually transformed them into what’s commonly known as a Sqwabble, a dark and mysterious critter that causes trouble and mischief for others.


As more kids left SqwishLand, more and more Sqwabbles started showing up. With all these Sqwabbles bothering the SqwishLanders, they called out to their human friends for help! Now it’s up to you to help take care of your SqwishLander pals and raise them properly to restore balance to SqwishLand!