Limited Time Offer – Collector Series Bundles!

For a limited time only – you can get 5 Collector Series SqwishLand packs for the price of 4! Complete the entire SqwAvatar collection for each region, and get tons of awesome new SqwishLanders to play with! With 17 different items included in each package, the fun will never end! The bundle includes a total of 5 SqwAvatars, 25 Rare SqwishLanders and 5 mystery capsules (contains either of the rarest SqwishLanders, a Crazy Rare or a Sqwabble) exclusive to the Farm region of SqwishLand – your Farm collection is that much closer to completion! Use the included suction cups to place your Sqwishes on any surface, and don’t forget to use the Game Code Card in the online game for even more Soft n’ Squishy® fun!

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Collector Series Bundle - Farm
Collector Series Bundle - Sea

Collector Series Bundle - Farm

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