What is SqwishFinder?

SqwishFinder.com is designed around connecting Sqwishland fans with retail and vending distributors worldwide. If you have trouble finding a reliable location to purchase your favorite Soft n’ Squishy™ Sqwishland toys, you’ve come to the right place! With SqwishFinder, you can browse our local and national listings to find a Sqwishland supplier near you! If you don’t find a store close by, don’t worry – as our company continues to grow, more and more locations have been popping up on the map, so be sure to check back here once in a while! Feel free to Contact Us about ordering SqwishLand toys to stock in your store and get added to SqwishFinder!


If you are a licensed distributor of Sqwishland toy products, click on the Add Location button at the top of the screen to have your store listed on our map as well, so all of our local fans can discover you and pay a visit to your store! Be sure to identify whether you have vending or retail products, so we can get the right crowd to you!