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The Sqwabbles have invaded for the entire month of October! Go to the site to check out all the spooky fun! View all the SqwishLand Pets; Shop for latest SqwishLand Products; or Read up on the latest SqwishLand News! Β  […] Read More

Congratulations to Amelia for being our fan of the week!πŸŽ‰ She’s most proud of her SqwabbleπŸ·πŸ“collection 3 rows from the back, but says her favorite region overall is sea!πŸŒŠπŸ™ Do you or someone you know want to be our fan of the week❓❗️ DM us a photo, name, and a fun fact about you!🀩 You […] Read More

Our friend, Sawyer sent us this great capsule opening video he made on YouTube! We love to see it! Awesome trophy pull […] Read More

Check it out mate! SqwishLand Outback is here!Go on a walk-about and see a cute, Sugar Glider or the very zen, Lemur! Don’t forget about the feisty, Tasmanian Devil or the popular Porcupine! Introducing 10 new characters and 100’s of new variations to collect […] Read More

The newest 🐸SqwishLand Adventures🐷 comic book is available now for FREE❗ at       Save […] Read More

The all new is now LIve! Click the Links to head on over now!   […] Read More

The DESERT REGION is almost here! The New Desert Region will be available the 1st week of nov 2017 Come meet all of the newest SqwishLanders to join the SqwishLand Family! Save Save Save Save Save […] Read More

You too can become a Fan of the Week! Here's how: - Send in a photo of your SqwishLander collection! - Send us some of your fan art! - Come visit our headquarters! Save […] Read More

The SqwishLand Valentine's Day Bulk Box Giveaway Save a Rafflecopter giveaway           Save Save Save […] Read More

In December we hosted a Golden Ticket Giveaway. Here is one of the Golden Ticket Grand Prize Winners! Enjoying a SqwishTastic Christmas Surprise! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Giveaway this holiday season. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Hope you all have a wonderful 2017! #Goldenticket SqwishLand Save […] Read More