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The Laughing Janda Comedy Hut is Now OPEN! in the Jungle Region of Home to SqwishLand’s biggest names in comedy who want to try their hand at standup comedy, stunts, improve, magic, you name it! Stop by for some laughs! Come see Marvin the Sqwonkey, SqwishLand’s High Flying Comedic Wonder or Busy Bob the […] Read More

Grab yourself some Popcorn and come visit the New SqwishLand Cinema located in the City Region of Filled with tons of exclusive videos: SqwishLand Stories to Music Videos the SqwishLand Cinema has it all! With many more videos coming in the near future […] Read More

SqwishLanders make a great alternative to candy! This Halloween pick up a Limited Edition Glow-in-the-Dark Swamp Region SqwishBag! It's Sqwishtasticly SPOOKY!   […] Read More

The opening of a Brand NEW Series 2 SqwishLand Bulk Box. The SqwishLanders are enjoying a nice day at the SqwishLand Theater but it doesn’t take long before an evil Sqwabble has his own plans... CLICK on the IMAGE  to watch the video!     […] Read More

Thank you to the Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt Bar in Sarasota, Florida! For all the support and kind words #SqwishlandSuccess #SqwishlandBusiness #SqwishCraze       […] Read More

Now at the SqwishLand Shop you can find some of our greatest toys of all time! Featuring a MASSIVE variety of colors to collect, you can find a ton of hard to find SqwishLanders in each set! Regulars, Ultra Rares, Crazy Rares, and the elusive Sqwabbles await you in these amazing new products. Click on […] Read More

Head on over the the Activities section to download and print out all new SqwishLand Collector Sheets! You can finally keep track of your entire collection! Try and fill up all the collector sheets and become the ultimate SqwishLand Collector […] Read More

Easter weekend is upon us here at SqwishLand, and what better way to celebrate than with a sweet treat to celebrate the arrival of Spring? All across SqwishLand, you can hear the lovely chirping of some of the sweetest peeps ever to grace the world of SqwishLand. We hope that you enjoy your Easter Egg […] Read More

Hey kids! With Easter just around the corner, we here at SqwishLand thought we would like to give you something truly special! Check out the SqwishLand Store; to buy our LIMITED EDITION SqwishLand Easter Basket! Only 10 are available for purchase, so get yours before they sell out! Check out all the cool stuff that […] Read More

Yesterday, the SqwishLand staff had a wonderful time with one of our great fans, Erik, who stopped by to visit! Erik (center) got a chance to hang out with SqwishLand's President (right) and got a signed copy of the SqwishLand Adventures comic book by our Lead Artist (left), as well as get a sneak peak […] Read More